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Has your pet ever received homeopathic or alternative medicine?

by Maria (follow)
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As it becomes increasingly popular amongst humans to try alternative or homeopathic remedies to fight illness, it comes as no surprise that these remedies are starting to cross the barrier to animal treatment too.

More and more pet owners are opting for homeopathic, natural or alternative medicine to treat their pets.

Have you ever sought homeopathic or alternative medicine for your pet?

Did you find that is worked or not?

What is your view on this kind of treatment?

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Top Answers
Many years ago my Jack Russell Terrier had developed arthritis and I found Sasha's Blend of great help to her.She was noticeably imprived after we added it to her meals. Sasha's Blend is a marine concemtrate produced in Ballarat in Australia.
Just recently Jasper our King Charles Cavalier visited an All Natural Vet Care Clinic in Sydney. He had acupuncture which helped settle his breathing and has supplements we include in his meals including probiotics to settle his stomach. Have these alternate treatments worked - we don't know, but we hope to think it helps him.
Years ago my cat had some sort of accident (we never really found out what happened-she may have been hit by a car) and all the nerve endings at the base of her tail were damaged so her tail just hung down - she couldn't lift it. This caused all sorts of issues with her toileting etc. & the normal vet didn't have any suggestions except to cut off her tail. So we took her to a holistic vet who gave her acupuncture. Unfortunately this didn't work so she then mixed her up some sort of liquid drops for her to take - these didn't work either. The vet then said to me that my cat needed to be treated for her "emotional problems" .(I'm not kidding - those were the exact words). I asked what for. She said my cat was too clingy. That was the last time we dealt with that vet. I think that my kitty's medical issues were beyond being fixed so I don't blame either vet. That little kitty made her way to the "rainbow bridge" some years ago but I would still consider alternative therapy for my current cat if I felt it could do some good - just like I would consider it for myself.
No but I would definitely consider it.
Not mine, but a friend took his Alsation with an ailing shoulder to my Acupuncturist for treatment. Whilst it hurt at the time, the Alsation looked at him at the end and almost thanked him. His shoulder was helped then better after the 2nd treatment.
We use bachs rescue remedy for storms and fireworks it works very well

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