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Ensure Your Dog Can't Roam away from Home

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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The other morning I saw a dog some distance away running down the street near the main shopping area. Then a woman holding a leash appeared and I assumed she was the owner. This was not the case but she was hoping to catch the dog and put it on the leash so it wouldn't get hit by a car. A dog on the loose can be injured or killed and it can cause a car accident. It may attack another animal or a person.

Border collie
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Often a dog on the loose has escaped from its yard. The owners may not be home and so are unaware their dog is roaming. Sometimes the dog is picked up by the dog pound and the owners will be fined. Other times the dog may be injured or killed by a car.

What are some of the common ways for dogs to escape?
Dogs often escape:
through an open gate
through an open roller door
by jumping over a low fence or gate
by climbing or jumping onto a box, chair or bin next to the fence and then jumping over the fence
by digging under a fence
through an open front door
by running out the door or gate when a visitor leaves

When are dogs more likely to escape?
A dog is more likely to escape and run away when it is frightened and confused. This may be when there are fireworks or during a thunder storm. If there are a lot of people at a party the noise may frighten the dog into escaping.

What are possible consequences of a dog escaping?
As well as possible harm to your pet, the following events could happen:
You could be fined
Your dog might attack someone or bite a person who tries to catch it
You may be ordered to have your dog put down if it seriously injures someone
Your dog could roam a long way, become lost and very frightened.
You might not get your dog back if the person who finds it decides to keep it.

Dog by train track
Your dog could become lost Image courtesy of Pixabay

How can you stop your dog from escaping?
Ways to prevent your dog escaping include:
Keep your dog indoors and reassure it during storms and fireworks displays.
Make sure screen doors and screens on windows are in good order and secure.
Keep fences in good repair.
Ensure your fence is high enough.
Make sure your dog can't wriggle under a gate or fence.
Check along fences for signs of digging. Secure the fence to prevent further digging.
Keep your dog inside or secure in another way when the roller door is open.
Lock gates so other people can't let your dog out of the yard.
Don't leave chairs and other items next to the fence in case your dog uses them to aid him/her to climb over.

Dog looking over fence
Make sure your dog can't climb or jump over the fence Image courtesy of Pixabay

From time to time do a check that your house and yard are dog proof. If you bring a new dog home, check again as your new dog may be able to escape in ways your previous pet couldn't.

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