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Dogs versus Cats

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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I lived with a cat once, she belonged to my husband when I first met him. Emma & I got on OK, but I wasn't sad when she went to live somewhere else - she was happy to go too - she never forgave us for bringing a schnauzer pup into the household. She lived a full and happy life in a family with three other cats and a dog which knew its place in relation to cats Ė ie much lower!

Cats intrigue me though, and I've written many poems about them, trying to get inside the feline mind. I feel this poem is the closest Iíve got to understanding the whole thing, but cat lovers may disagree.

Thatís why Iím not a cat person

Pussy cat, pussy cat
Youíve got to move out!
Not so loud, no need to shout.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
What have you done?
I ate all the meat, now there is none.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
What should I do?
Donít scream and yell, donít throw your shoe.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
Why cause me stress?
I know you like it when I make a mess.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
Will you ever be good?
If you feed me and love me just as you should.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
Have you no shame?
What about you? Youíd do the same.

Pussy cat, pussy cat
What can I say?

Iíve known a few cats as friends (perhaps casual acquaintances is truer), and, as I said, Iíve lived with a cat for a couple of years. As far as Iím concerned though, cats, like God, move in mysterious ways.

pharaoh hound puppy
puppy and my son

Iíve written and self-published a book about gardening from a dogís point of view, and some people have suggested I should do one for cats. I can only say my knowledge of cats isnít deep enough to do the job justice.

pharaoh hound puppy
my four dogs

I know about the many and varied ways dogs garden, but I donít know how cats deal with the gardening issue. Iíd love to read that Ďgardening tips for cats bookí Ė but Iíll have to leave the job of writing it to someone else.

Dogs are my friends, I understand how their heads work. Cats are something else entirely. The closest I get these days to living with a cat, is living with a few Pharaoh Hounds, which have many cat-like traits. They donít like to get wet, they sometimes clean their faces with their paws, they sometimes consider themselves to be above humans in their scale of importance. But our Pharaoh Hounds retain their canine loyalty, and mostly they feel I am the boss, unlike cats Iíve known or known about.

Thatís why Iím not a cat person. There are Cat People and there are Dog People Ė viva la difference!

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