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Doglovers: What it's like to live with a.....

by erin. (follow)
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Every wondered what it's like to live with a particular breed of dog? I asked some friends and family to share with me five things they would tell someone who was thinking about getting their type of dog. If you feel like reading something uplifting grab a cuppa and enjoy. I take no responsibility if you suddenly want to go out and get a dog....

Australian Bulldog (Boss)
Morgan, Vet Nurse

1. He demands to go walking all the time but when it gets to 7am, I literally have to push him off my bed to wake him up.
2. He doesn't particularly love big dogs but he loves every rescue animal I bring home from work.
3. He farts and snores- a lot.
4. Bulldogs don't have the greatest skin so he does a runner when he sees me coming with the ear cleaner.
5. They look tough,but they love and adore their people...and people with food

Dachsund (Mokka)
Chelsea, Hospitality

1. Dachshunds were bred for hunting so they like to act tough- and let you know all about it.
2. Dachsunds are definitely inside dogs. Mokka loves burrowing her way down into the sheets where all the heat is and she wont get up until she wants to.
3. These dogs would eat their way to China if they could. A strict diet is best as it can be very bad on their spine if they become overweight. I like to do short, brisk walks when possible as they have a lot of energy for small dogs.
4. They are surprisingly very strong and fast and love their soft toys. Playing is a big part of their day and always a laugh.
5. They are very loyal to their owners and get very spoiled. She gets along with every sized dog and likes to be the center of attention at all times.

West Highland Terrier (Jezabel)
Creina, Traveller

1. Living with a West Highland Terrier is like having a best friend.They are so talkative, friendly and ever so funny!
2. They are really in tune to a persons mood and can be so compassionate.
3. I have a chronic pain condition and my Jezabel never needs to be told where to put her feet. She seems to be able to read my pain- very clever.
4. Jezabel gets along with her fur friends and also other animals.
5. Westies are funny characters. They all let you know what they want and try to talk.When they can't spit that out they show you what they want. They are extremely smart and are able to do lots of tricks and open doors for themselves. Definitely the best dogs in the world!

Maltese Shitzu ( Bella)
Sam, Gaming Manager

1. They can be obsessive compulsive. Every night Bella goes through a ritual of begging to go out to do a lap of the backyard, running into her bed and twirling around and then doing it for a second time before settling down for sleep.
2. They prefer humans to other dogs. If they are given the option of playing with dogs or hanging out at the table with some adult conversation you can bet they snub the dogs in favour of the adult conversation. They like to be the centre of attention, one hundred percent of the time.
3. Maltese dogs are pretty much psychic. No matter what time I come home, Bella is always waiting at the window fifteen to twenty minutes before I arrive.
4. They make lasting bonds and are really smart.If I mention who we are going to see, Bella's reaction is always spot on about how she feels about that person. She get's really excited at the prospect of visiting particular people.
5. If they can't tell you what they want they find a way to show you. Bella likes to lead my Mum over to climb into my bed so she can snuggle with both of us at once.

Labrador (Sasha)
Claire, Administrator

1. No pool, pond or bowl filled with water is safe from a Labrador. They will be in it splashing around. They live to be wet.
2. They are always starving to death. She eats rocks if she can't find a bone to chew on. I'm not kidding, we will need to replace the garden beds before we leave our rental house!
3. They are loyal to the tenth degree and are like a shadow even when you don't want them to be. Sasha will follow us to the toilet or back and forth across the room while I clean up or vacuum. She gets stupidly excited to see us again ... even after 30 seconds. If outside, she will sit on top of the outdoor table to get a better look at what we are doing (despite knowing she isn't allowed to) and will open doors to ensure she can be with us.
4. They are absolutely ball crazy and the best play mates for toddlers. Sasha will retrieve all the kids throws all day if I allowed it.
5. They are loving but also very protective. Sasha insists on checking on me and is extra gentle when I'm sick in bed. When I went into labour with my daughter, she wouldn't leave my side. She wasn't pushy but insisted on staying very close, watching me every minute and cried if my partner separated her from me.

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