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Do you think dogs should be euthanased for attacking another animal?

by Maria (follow)
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Euthanasia is one of the toughest parts of my job. I have worked as a vet nurse for a few years now and this is a topic that is constantly being debated.

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It is a very divided argument where a lot of people will say- YES, most definitely a dog should be put to sleep if it has attacked another animal, no second chances or NO, it is not the dogs fault, it all comes down to the way they are raised and they cannot be condemned for doing what animals do.

What is your opinion on the matter?

Do you think a dog should be euthanased for attacking another animal?or should they be given a second chance?

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Top Answers
I'm on the 'no' side of the argument. If a human isn't executed for attacking or killing, then neither should a do, especially since it is the human's fault in the first place. They should try to rehabilitate the dog. If that doesn't work, then yes, sadly, it should be put to sleep, but it's not fair not to give the creature a chance.
I think they should be given another chance, At least the dog still an animal
it don't have a mind to know the right from wrong...
I truly think it all boils down to the circumstances...an unprovoked animal suddenly attacking has a problem...a family pet protecting its' people/territory presents a different set of circumstances. There can be a number of causes for an animal to lash out and each situation deserves to be dealt with accordingly.
2nd chance for sure.

I draw the line if Any Dog attacks a child.
Or adult.
Human life must come before that of the animal.
I am very passionate for the rights of any Animal.But I also know wise choices, must play a part in any attack.

2nd chance for attacking another dog, yes!
Not if it were to happen a 3rd time....that is just plain cruel, for other animals.

Having said all that, 'if' the attack was totally brutal, and the other dog was killed or extremely badly hurt.
Then sadly, I think the dog attacking....may be past help.

Some attacks are just too vicious to contain, and you have to think? could a child be next, and even if not..... it is too cruel to the next victim.I feel one attack, if very vicious is not the end of that dogs anger!

That is a loaded gun, and waiting for the next time.

I also want to say, I can not walk any streets now...have not for years.I am so worried that a dog may attack me...I have seen dogs off leads, and well I just feel a great deal of fear.
I love dogs, but I am very scared of a lot of them...once bitten, you never forget.
No I DO NOT think a dog should be euthanased for attacking another dog.It is up to the owner of the dog to read their dog's body language, to know their dog so they can effectively control its behaviour. Any creature is capable of becoming annoyed if it is teased, irritated or pushed beyond its limits (humans included). I see this happening a lot in the ridiculously small dog parks designated by Brisbane City Council. It is simply stupid to think that up to 20 dogs can be crammed into a small space without incident. Someone should educate the people who make the rules.
It's a very difficult question, isn't it? I think you have to look at each case and judge the attacker fairly. Some dogs just don't get on well with other dogs, some attack because of fear, territory dispute. It's a very tricky one, and I'd hate to be the person having to make the decisions.

If our dog injures another dog, then we need to sort the situation out with its owner. Firstly we should be responsible for any vet costs. Secondly, we should take steps to ensure our dog is kept away from theirs to avoid any future incidents, and thirdly, we need to commit to changing our dogs behavour. Dogs can be trained out of this kind of attitude. There are a myriad of training videos online to guide us. Failin this, there is professional help - but it comes at a cost.
no I do not believe a dog should be put down for attacking a human, because a dog is only as good as it is treated and taught, why would we wish to punish a dog, when we set free rapists child molesters and evil people every day
It depends on the circumstances and the ferociouness of the attack.
They should always have their circumstances looked into and be removed from their owner to be rehabilitated and then if that doesn't work maybe euthanasia should be the last resort.
No, they should not be euthanased. It is not the animal's fault. It's definitely the owner's fault. Also, I do not think animals should be put to sleep for attacking a human. Again, it is the owner's fault and they should be the one to be reprimanded. An animal is still a life and should definitely not be seen as less than the life of a human. We should be treated equally. A dog has about the same intelligence as a three-year-old child. If a three-year-old attacked you, you wouldn't expect him or her to be euthanased, would you?
In the first instance the owner should be prosecuted. I think there are way to many variables around the subject for it to be black and white. For instance if the dog is provoked, defending a family member or home (e.g. on it's own property and another dog trespasses) or some other factor. It cannot be a one size fits all. Same as the whole "banned breeds" argument. It's not about the dog its the owner and what action take for tragedy to occur.
They should get another chance
because everyone should get another chance.
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