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Do you keep up to date with your pets vaccinations?

by Maria (follow)
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A lot of inexperienced pet owners buy a pet but are not aware of all the basic things that their pet needs to get the best start in life, eg: worming and flea prevention, vaccinations, nutrition etc.

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Vaccinating your pet is very important. It prevents diseases which in some cases can be life threatening for your pet and is also a stepping stone in giving them a long and healthy life.

As a pet owner, are you aware of when your pet is due their vaccination? Do you ask your vet to send you reminders of when the vaccination is due? Do you know what your pet is being vaccinated against?

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Top Answers
Absolutely and so should any person responsible for a pet - it's the very least we are able to do. Domesticated animals give unconditional love to their owners and the minimum we are able to do is ensure they are protected.

People feed and water their pets without question and should therefore see the annual vaccination incorporated as part of the maintenance and care of a pet. Not keeping up to date with this is being irresponsible and opens the door for common place diseases to be caught, when if vaccinated can so easily be avoided. I see this akin to parents vaccinating their children.

We have a dog and he gets an annual C5 vaccination which protects him from the core diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, respiratory diseases such as kennel cough and hepatitis. We also flea him every fortnight alternating between advantage and advocate.
I don't know whether guinea pigs usually get vaccinations or not. I've only ever had rabbits and guinea pigs, and as far as I know they already had any vaccinations they needed before I got them.
Yes, we do.
I only have two birds however I would keep any dog or cat immunised for their own good.
My dog and cat get their annual vaccinations. I love both of them so much and would never forgive myself if either caught a preventable illness.
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