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Do you always obey Dogs on Leash signs?

by Maria (follow)
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These signs seem to becoming more and more popular. Even a local park in my area, which dogs would usually be allowed to run free without a lead, has adopted this sign on site.

Do you think it is safer to keep dogs on a lead at all times?

Do you always obey this "dogs must be kept on a leash at all times" policy?

Is it fair?

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Top Answers
This is one thing that can make me see RED!

I don't ever walk the streets around my home now, for the fear of a dog not being on it's LEASH!
My life has had to change, for that very point.
Yes...dogs should be at all times on a leash.Dog signs are there for a reason, so I say dog owners need to comply.
I comply, as there are enough places I can take my dog that allow off leash play. While leash restrictions may irritate some dog owners that "know" their pets, this is a case of protecting the common good. As much as I love my dog, I don't want my kids around unknown unleashed dogs in public spaces.
Always! I don't like to see unleashed dogs with children around, so why should the dog I'm walking be unleashed even if I know he will behave?
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