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Capstar Flea Prevention Product Review

by Maria (follow)
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If you are anything like me, the thought of tiny creepy crawly fleas will have you scratching all over! They are a nasty surprise to come across when petting and playing with your pet and can be quite a nuisance.

The best thing to do to prevent this happening is to use a flea prevention product. These may be applied as a gel monthly or given to your pet as a tablet to prevent fleas.

However, sometimes your pet may not be so lucky! There are many reasons why your pet may get fleas, even if they have been treated. This can be down to anything from human error of buying the wrong pack for your pet or your pet becoming resistant to the active ingredient in the product.

This particular one is suitable for cats and small dogs. Check carefully that you buy the right box suitable for your pet. Image Source via www.capstar.novartis.us

But help is on hand! There is a product available from veterinary practices which kill fleas within half an hour of administering the tablet. It is then given on any subsequent day that fleas are seen. This product is called Capstar. In my own experience, this product is great. It can be used with both cats and dogs of all sizes, and can be used on young animals from four weeks of age. It is made by Novartis Animal Health who makes other great products for dogs and cats, such as Milbemax, Interceptor and Sentinel Spectrum.

Tips on preventing fleas:

• Wash your pet’s bed and any pet blankets frequently and put them outside in direct sunlight.

• Vacuum your house regularly, this will rid your home environment of any immature stage fleas and is a good way to prevent infestations.

• When you go to the vets to pick up a flea prevention product, know your pets weight or else bring them with you to be weighed! It is the best way to figure out what pack to buy as they go by your pet’s weight. If the pack does not cover your pets weight then most likely it will be useless in preventing fleas.

• Make a note on your calendar of when your pet is due their monthly flea treatment.

• If you find that your pet has suddenly got fleas and you have been using a prevention product, have a look to see what the active ingredient is. This should be clearly stated on the box. In a lot of cases, if you have been using the same product for a long time, your pet can build up a resistance to that product and then it no longer has any effect. A solution to this problem is to find another prevention product with a different active ingredient and start using this instead.

Overall Recommendation:

Overall, I cannot recommend this product highly enough if you’ve found your pet facing a nasty flea problem. It works fast, it’s effective and widely available in veterinary practices without having to get a prescription.


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