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Advance Cat Food Review

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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Upon Suzie's recent vet visit, we were given a chicken and a tuna sample of Advance especially designed with your feline's needs in mind.

Well, my young Suzie - she understandably becomes sick of the "three meat and veg" world of the cat foods - the assortment of cat biscuits and fish products on grocery shelves.

She has an understandable love of I guess what might be cat delicacies - chicken wing and beef. However, on a budget I can not afford this too much.

However, I was shocked to hear that even with these, she one day will relish these, but the next day "turn up her nose" at what we thought she'd devour with gusto.

The lovely vet receptionist gave me a sample of Advance. When Suzie got home, she immediately devoured it all quite quickly, and wanted seconds.

I am eager to get some more of these from my local vet's, and most veterinarians stock them. They come in a supply of 3kg which is enough food for 33 days, or 8 kg, which is enough for 66 days.

For kittens, 8 weeks and younger Advance which contains the highest quality Australian chicken, and is ideal for optimal development all-round. It contains, for example extra calcium needed for growth at this time.

Advance then makes sure the formulae is suitable as the kitten grows from weaning stage to adulthood. Ask your veterinarian for the right product accordingly.

For both adult cats and kittens, Advance provides a controlled guide to feeding based on the weight of the cat.

In adult cats, there's even modifications based on whether your cat is an indoor cat and has reduced energy needs. There is a formulae for overweight cats who need, for health, to lose weight.

There is even a formulae, which has used evidence-based medicine to reduce hairballs!

However, what I was most taken back by was how much my cat loved Advance, considering she is such a fussy eater.

a young kitten

At the moment, she likes ham, cheese, sausages and most things she should not have.

So, affordability wise, I think it is cheaper for me to get it at my local veterinarian than keep buying her expensive beef which she likes...but only sometimes!

Overall Recommendation: Even My Fussy Baby Loves It

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