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8 Reasons Why Probiotic Products Are Good for Pets

by You Lucky Dog (follow)
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Your pet’s digestive system is teeming with billions of bacteria to keep the gut running smoothly. Probiotics can assist with making sure your pet’s digestive system continues to stay healthy and provide defence against emotional and physiological stress.

So, what are Probiotics?
Probiotics are living organisms that promote gut health, by ensuring that bad bacteria in the gut do not cause an imbalance in the digestive tract.

The digestive system is responsible for a large part of your pet’s immune system. It is also a habitat to billions of bacteria. It is the correct balance between good and bad bacteria that keeps their immune system performing well.

When bad bacteria is provided with the right habitat to grow and thrive, they can take over the digestive tract and cause many problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bowel disease, leaky gut and overgrowth of yeast that causes skin irritations and digestive problems.

What are the benefits of Probiotics?
Although studies are still determining the benefits, some research has indicated that a probioitic supplement can be beneficial in helping to restore the digestive health of your pet.

Detailed below are some of the key benefits of probiotics that have been discovered to date:-

Probitoics have been known to prevent urinary tract infections.

They can help reduce allergic reactions by controlling inflammation.

A supplement can help boost poor immune function.

They can help provide a defence against environmental and physiological stress.

Probiotics are safe to use.

They help promote Vitamin B production, which helps to combat stress and gives your pet more energy.

Helps to restore balance after prescription medication like antibiotics by detoxifying the body.

They help to assist with the performance of phagocytes. These are the cells that absorb waste and harmful microorganisms in the bloodstream and tissues.

Essentially, if you ensure that your pet receives a daily dose of probiotic’s through their food, you can help address some of the most common digestive problems that your pet may experience, and ensure optimal gastrointestinal health for now and in the future. They are an easy and affordable way you can help to maintain your pet’s health.

Probiotics products for dogs and cats are available to buy online and they are generally inexpensive, but the benefits to your pet’s health are plentiful. For more information about probiotics for pets, visit Microbz online today.

About the Author
This article is a guest post by Linda Sankey from Microbz – a UK-based probiotics supplier that specialises in probiotic products for pets, equestrian probiotics and household probiotic products.

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Always consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your pet's diet or care program.
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