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6 Ways to Find Ideas for Writing for Ready For Pets

by Marie Vonow (follow)
Chief editor: readyforpets.com Blogs:www.quora.com/profile/Marie-Vonow/blogs https://minamaries.blogspot.com.au
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Perhaps you have written articles for other Hub Garden hubs and now you want to have a go at writing for Ready For Pets. Or maybe you have have just discovered Hub Garden and your love of pets has inspired you to apply to write for this hub. You may have ideas for topics or maybe you need suggestions of where to get ideas for topics to write about.

1. Look at other articles already published on Ready For Pets
Take time to read articles to see what topics have already been covered. It's fine to write about the same topic if you have some different or additional information to share.

Perhaps you have knowledge of a topic which has not been written about. Fantastic. Please share your article.

2. Check out the Ready For Pets categories
Have a look at the list of categories to get ideas. Existing categories include -
Pet Care
Product Reviews
Pet Stories
How To
Unusual Pets

The categories will give you ideas for topics to write about. Include the relevant category headings at the end of your article, for example,
#Pet Care

LLamas are not your every day pet in Australia Pixabay

3. Look at questions asked about pets
There are some questions on the Ready For Pets hub. Some could give you an idea for a complete article. There are other internet question sites such as Answer Angels and Quora which include questions about many things including pets.

You might like to ask your own question on Ready For Pets. Look at existing questions to see how to set it out.

4. Personal experience
Would you like to write about your pet?
Where did you get your pet?
How long have you had him/her?
What is special or different about your pet?
Does your pet require special care due to his/her age or for another reason?

5. Take notice of signs relating to pets
There are signs about keeping your dog on a leash, cleaning up after your dog and similar instructions. Perhaps one of these will spark the idea for an article.

Happy Dog Wash Image by Marie Vonow

The doggy wash sign could lead to an article about the advantages and disadvantages of using a doggy wash or making use of a mobile dog wash service. Perhaps you have tips on how to make bath time happier for a dog who is nervous about being washed.

6. Read articles online or in magazines or newspapers
You may read about a lost pet and this inspires you to write what to do if your pet escapes from the house or yard. Perhaps you have some tips for preventing this from happening in the first place.

Don't plagiarise what someone else has written but get inspiration for your own original piece.

Once you start writing for Ready for Pets you will notice things that give you ideas for further articles.

#About Writing For Ready For Pets
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