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10 Topics Suitable For Ready For Pets

by Marie Vonow (follow)
Chief editor: readyforpets.com Blogs:www.quora.com/profile/Marie-Vonow/blogs https://minamaries.blogspot.com.au
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10 Topics Suitable For Ready For Pets
Adapted from Pixabay

Original, well written articles related to pets are always welcome. If you are new to writing for this hub have a look at Writing Articles For Ready For Pets Part 1 and Writing Articles For Ready For Pets Part 2. If you are looking for topics, have a look at this list -

1. Product reviews
Give a personal review of a pet related product or service you have used, not just information from the internet or a magazine. You could review pet food, toys, grooming tools, jackets, an automatic feeder or anything else relevant to pets.

Use the category #Product Review at the end of your review and any other relevant categories such as #Dogs #Cats #Feeding or #Health

2. Pet care
Do you have information on caring for a puppy, kitten or a senior pet? Readers would also be interested in how to care for a more unusual pet. It could help them decide if that pet is suitable for them or if they are better having a more 'mainstream' pet.

Possible categories - #Dogs #Pet Care #Puppies #Senior Pets.

3. Senior pets
Do you have experience taking care of an older pet? What challenges did that present? What solutions did you develop?

Useful category - #Senior Pets

Senior dog
Looking after a senior animal can present challenges Pixabay

4. Unusual pets
Have you kept an unusual pet? Could you write about caring for it? Mention if this pet is restricted in some countries. What were the advantages and disadvantages of having an uncommon pet? Do you have a humorous anecdote to share?

Use the category #Unusual Pets and any other relevant categories. Create a new category if the pet hasn't been written about previously.

5. Pet related job
Are you, or do you know someone who is a vet or a nurse at a veterinary surgery? Do you work in a pet shop? Tell readers about your job and the things you enjoy and don't enjoy about it. Did you need special training, a certificate or a qualification for this job? Do you have advice for others contemplating this line of work?

Possible category #Pet Professionals

Do you volunteer at an animal shelter? Why did you become a volunteer? How long have you been involved? If you work at an op shop where the proceeds go to help animals you could write how the money is used.

Possible Categories - #Animal Welfare or #Animal Charities

6. Pet stories
Write about your pet. What makes your pet an individual? Is he/she typical of the breed or not? Has your pet done something funny or clever? Have you trained your pet or do you think your pet has trained you? Hopefully you have some great photos to illustrate your story.

Suitable category #Pet Stories.

Senior dog
Image by Marie Vonow

7. Pet gifts
Do you give your pet gifts? If so, what sort of things have you purchased or made for him/her? Perhaps you could compile a list of gift ideas.

Possible categories - #Pet Toys and #Dog Toys

8. Pet Parties
Do you give your pet a party for his/her birthday? Readers would love to see a photo of the event. Do you invite your pet's friends to the event?

Possible categories - #Birthday #Celebration and #Age

9. Keeping pets safe
How do you keep your pet safe? Perhaps you could compile a list of tips to help other readers keep their pet out of harm's way.

Possible categories - #Safety #Prevention #Toxic #Animal Welfare #Pet Ownership #Poison

10. Tips
Tips that make life easier for fellow pet owners are always popular. What tips could you share with other readers? How do you get your dog to take a tablet? Do you have money saving hints that others would find useful? What about some training tips.

Possible categories- #Puppy Tips #How To #Training #Pet Care

Many people are interested in pets and there are plenty of topics you could write about that others would find interesting or useful.

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